I've never done this before, but I suddenly felt like: What do you think of God of Love these days? Any suggestion? I have always been very sure of what I am writing, but I believe that listening to my readers' opinions is important.

Lucas currently doesn't quite know what to do with his life. He has ideas of what he can do, like starting his own business, but he still has no idea what to do.

Regarding the romance, he has a solid relationship with Rose and a very strong interest in May. Characters like Katherine and her younger sister Sara, although he has some interest, he still doesn't actively think about them. Violette is complicated.

With regard to world building, I read comments from some people saying that it is very confusing, and I will not apologize for that. The worlds of my longest stories, like Soul Eye (which has only the Portuguese version) and God of Love are very complex because I want to create something more profound.

It's normal for you to read novels in which the world is described in a few chapters, and I find that a bit bizarre. Other novels, however, turn a simple world into something more complex. What I do is a little bit different. The world is complex, but things are simpler, I feel that this is the closest to reality.

The world is complex, you see it every day. Religion, politics, wars, hunger... All of this is complex, at absurd levels. But then you walk down the street and find two people talking, two extremely different people, talking about the same subject with smiles on their faces, such as sports.

The criticism that I most agree with, however, is that I am so ambitious that it backfires.I want to create something epic, but I have neither the skill, nor the patience, nor the willpower to turn the will into reality.

I am walking at a turtle's pace with my novels, but I hope that one day it will turn into a giant step and I can see that my work was worth it.

Any suggestion? Comment down there, I promise to answer.

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