Handsome I and Ugly Them

Chapter 9: Fierce Battle (+18)

After piercing to the end, Mary closed her eyes and didn't move for a while, she seemed to be getting used to my dick.

"We need a condom."

What if Mary ends up getting pregnant? I'm too young to be a father.

"Don't worry, today is a safe day."

Mary replied after opening her eyes. Listening to her words, I calmed down a little. It is time to enjoy this wonderful experience.

My entire dick is buried in Mary's pussy. When I look up, I only see a goddess with unparalleled beauty. Long red hair, sensual red lips that were moments ago on my cock. White skin, smooth and soft to the touch. Huge and perfect breasts, with two pink cherries on the ends. An hourglass waist, with wide, seductive hips. My shaft completely buried in that soft, wet entrance.

I could reach out and touch those perfect legs, and I did. Since Mary was still doing nothing, I decided to savor this perfect body.

Her legs were long, smooth, soft, and perfect. When I caressed them, I received some reactions from Mary, she seemed to like me to caress them gently. Even without her moving, I even felt some reactions down there.

After stroking every inch of those perfect legs, I decided to go down instead of going up: the feet. I took only the right foot to keep her from losing her balance and started rubbing them gently. I didn't get much reaction from the instep. From the bottom of her foot, she seemed to be tickling, so I didn't touch much.

She reacted best when I touched her toes, especially between her fingers. She loved it, and I could feel some movement down there.

I shifted between the feet and the legs, caressing them completely. The reaction was better than I expected, she started to breathe hard, and her eyes shone strangely.

It was only for a moment, but I think I saw a heart in her pupils.

I think I am distracted enough, I'm glad I haven't come yet. Although, it was probably more because there was no movement.

Finally, Mary seemed to feel safe enough to move. She put her feet on the mattress and lifted her body. My vision quickly fell on my cock, which was completely covered in pussy juice.

An unbelievable amount.

I've never seen it in porn before.

Before I could see the head of my cock, she went down again, and chills ran through my body. The feeling was so strong that I decided to stay put. I felt that if I moved, I would end up coming.

Closing my eyes, I concentrated on not coming. Meanwhile, Mary again raised the body, and again, she went balls deep.

Her pussy was so soft, so hot. Although I closed my eyes to the incredible sight of Mary bouncing on my dick, the sensations I was feeling, and the obscene smell in the air were enough to keep me on edge.

"Are you holding on too?"

I heard Mary's words before she again raised her body for another bounce. Without even opening my eyes, I answered.


She went down again. I managed, somehow, to hold on, but I don't think I can do it again. Do I have premature ejaculation?

"To come."

When I heard that, something occurred to me.

"Wait. Do you mean that the reason why you didn't move for a while was that you were waiting for the feeling of coming to end?"

I had to open my eyes to it, and the sight again left me dazzled. She's a centerfold. She is so beautiful and perfect. What's wrong with this world? How can this woman be ugly?

"Yes. I almost came the first time."


While I was surprised, she again raised her body and bounced hard, and this time I couldn't help it. Lifting my body, I hugged her tightly and made the final moves quickly while ejaculating inside her pussy.

My mind went blank again, an even greater sensation than before. In the background, I could hear the heavenly melody of Mary's moans, which until now she was able to hold.

I continued to push quickly, without paying attention to how she was reacting. Even after releasing the last jet, I kept pushing my cock deep into her pussy, which at the time was full of our sexual liquids.

What happened? I came, but I don't feel like my dick is softening. Is it her again? Is it that perfect body that keeps me erect continuously? What will be my limit? I know that I masturbate constantly several times a day, but we are talking about buckets of spunk here, very different from the small cum shots I have every day.

Not to mention that I masturbate at different times of the day, but now, in less than two hours, I've come four times, and my dick hasn't fallen.

Currently, I was sitting on the mattress, hugging Mary, but that was making it difficult to move.

Still hugging her, I laid her on the mattress even without removing my cock, I opened her legs and started to invade her even deeper.

And it was only now that I realized the vision beneath me.

She had her eyes closed, saliva dripping from her mouth.

As the room was closed, with no ventilation, we were sweating a lot, which made everything more exciting; both visually and in terms of smell, it was driving me crazy.

Those magnificent breasts rose and fell like a roller coaster.

The sounds of when my waist fit perfectly with hers, the movement of her breasts, and the moans coming out of her mouth felt like a symphony, it was just magical.

Four of my five senses were being satisfied at the same time and the urge to come came again, so I decided to look away.

Looking ahead, I realized something: I was facing the window. Before, Mary's body covered the window, but now, I could see people outside strolling quietly. Little did they know that a legendary battle was going on here.

Of course, for them, it would be a legendary battle in another sense. Perhaps they would say it's a legendary battle against a monster as an analogy. Seriously, what's wrong with this world? I feel blessed to be here, but that doesn't make this world beautiful and perfect.

How could that vision be ugly? I decided to take a look at how Mary was doing, and that was a mistake.

Please God, Budha, Zeus, Odin... Any god, please don't let me come.

With my eyes closed, I continued to move at a steady pace. Our groins were already completely wet with our sexual fluids, increasing the concentration of pheromones in the air.

Over time, Mary's moans started to increase. I was worried that people would listen, but the sex was so good that I didn't want to stop for anything in the world.

Every inch of my body seemed to be feeling pleasure. From the top of my head to my toes.

"I'm going to come."

I didn't say it. I opened my eyes and saw that Mary was looking at me through closed eyes. Her face clearly showed how much pleasure she was experiencing.

It was our first time, but she was enjoying it so much that even I realized it. The cunt juices kept pouring out. Every time I pusher in her deeply, our groins got more honeyed.

I never thought, however, that she would come before my second time. Maybe it's because I've come several times before.

Mary's cunt started to squeeze me abnormally, and I knew I would come soon.


I heard Mary's loud moans as she came. Her body started to convulse, and her pussy especially seemed to want to squeeze my dick to death.

It was so good that I just gave up on holding and released everything inside her.

A few seconds later, the last jet of sperm came out of my cock, and I fell back out of breath. From sporadic spasms, Mary was still feeling the effects of the orgasm she had.

And I must say.

The sight of Mary sweaty lying sprawled on the mattress, red hair spread out, open legs, breathless, breasts rising and falling, a satisfied smile on her face, and her pussy smeared with our sexual fluids was breathtaking.

Reacting quickly, I grabbed my pants and pulled out my cell phone.

I needed to take a picture of it.

"Are you going to blackmail me with the photo?"

Mary said between deep breaths. I thought about answering after looking at the photo on my cell phone, but she kept talking.

"If I were beautiful, that would be my thought. As I am ugly, this photo is actually a blackmail tool against you. If someone finds this picture on your phone, you will be blackmailed."

For a second, I forgot in what world we were in. If you think about it this way, in fact, this photo is dangerous.

Not that I care. For me, this is an amazing photo. It represents the moment I lost my virginity and the moment I made Mary come for the first time.

"We are going to do this again?"

I asked with a smile on my face when I realized my cock was fully erect again. I used steroids and I didn't know? Mary inspires me too much.