Handsome I and Ugly Them

Chapter 8: First (+18)

I never thought Mary was like that. Is it something developed because of this different world? Or was she also like that in the other world? While my thoughts ran wild, we continued to kiss passionately.

Mary started to brush the pant-covered pussy on my erection. It wasn't enough to make me come, I wanted and needed more than that.

I also started to move my hips, and my hand finally reached heaven: the two mounds of tenderness that were pressing against my chest.

When I felt that magnificent breast in my hand, I was amazed. I never thought that women's breasts could be so soft. Even though Mary was still dressed, I could feel the tenderness and plumpness of that piece of art.

It was huge. I don't know how big it was, though. F? G? H? I have no idea. How to measure it, anyway?

A few minutes later, we parted naturally with the kiss, we needed to breathe. Although we got used to breathing through the nose during the kiss, there was still a limit because of our inexperience. This gave us the opportunity to get out of the car.

After we got ready, outside the car, Mary took my hand and started to guide me. I tried to ask where we were going, but she didn't answer, looking very mysterious.

I thought we would enter the mall through the normal entrance, but she ended up guiding me to a door that said: "Staff only". We entered through the door, which was open, and followed a corridor to an elevator.

After pressing the button for the third floor, Mary said.

"Elevator is in my top 10. It is close to my top 5. If it weren't for the park, this mall would have all of the top 5 places I want to have sex in."

My reaction? None. I still didn't quite understand her exhibitionist idea of ​​having sex in public places.

I mean, I understand the emotion, the idea that you could end up getting caught by someone is exciting and adds a little to the situation, this is normal.

For Mary, however, it must be different. Rather than just "adding" to the situation, it should be more as if half of the fun was the possibility that someone could find her.

It is a matter of proportion.

After we reached the third floor, Mary took my hand and guided me again. On the way, we met two people, but the two people didn't suspect us, they just looked at Mary with disgust.

After walking a few meters, she opened a door with a key and we entered. On the other side of the door, an empty room. There was almost nothing. It looked like a store for sale. It was big, with only one door for what I think is a bathroom in the corner.

The front of the store was made of a tinted glass window. You could see people passing on the other side. I approached the window and watched people pass. There were a few couples, a family with a child, an elderly man... Several people were passing by.

All people were ugly.

Dirty skin, pimples, very fat, very thin, deformities, heavy makeup...

It looked like a horror show to me.

Mary came up behind me and hugged me, unaware that I was in the middle of complex thoughts.

"What do you think of this place?"

Back to reality, I look at the empty space and then look at the mattress on the floor next to the window.

"Are we going to do it here? But here everyone will see it."

Stepping out from behind me, she hugged me in the front, putting her arms around me. With a provoked smile, she explained.

"This glass is special. We can see the outside, but the outside cannot see us."

I was more than surprised. How can there be such a convenient room? Sensing my skepticism, she said smiling.

"I found this room, with the mattress and everything."

Hugging that soft body and pulling her close, I asked curiously.

"Have you used this room before?"

I needed to know, but she didn't answer. She just pushed me and I fell on the mattress.

"Enough talk."

Like a cat, she climbed on top of me slowly. When her face reached the area of ​​my groin, she looked at me with provocation and brought her face closer. She bit my pants and tried to pull them out, but she couldn't.

Seeing this, I helped her a little and my pants, along with my underwear, were quickly pulled down. My cock jumped out. I had come twice not an hour ago, but my warrior seemed unbeatable.

For a few seconds, Mary watched my treasure in silence.

"It is the first time that I have seen it so closely. When I sucked it before, I was in such a hurry that I just put it in my mouth... It's really big."

This sparked a question in my head.

"Do you think the bigger the better? Or the smaller the better?"

In this world, is there a concept about the size of the champion? In the other world, although it was normal to say that the bigger the better, with novels always exaggerating in this sense, the reality was different, and most women preferred medium size, or so I read somewhere.

"I do not know..."

She did not know? Although she was still a virgin today, I thought she would know at least something like that. Well, thinking about the aesthetic side, I think the size doesn't matter. Maybe it's the same in my other world...

Mine is bigger than average, but it's not a monster, so it should be okay, right?

After several seconds of observation, Mary came over and started to stroke my cock with her hand. She paid close attention to my reaction when she stroked it, her eyes were almost always on my face.

I wanted to respect her desire for this experience more slowly, but honestly, I was nervous about the main course. Still, seeing her obvious interest, I was silent and enjoyed the handjob.

After some time stroking, she brought her face closer and started to lick.

A new experience.

She had sucked me before, but licking gave me a different feeling. It was a strange feeling, I felt chills running through my body.

She licked the balls to the tip, paying special attention to the glans. It was where I felt the licking best.

Oh, my God, I'm going to come again at this rate.


I needed to surrender. I don't know if I could get up for battle a fourth time so quickly, I didn't want to disturb our fun.

Mary did not forgive me, however. When she felt that I was about to come, she swallowed my cock as much as she could, and I released everything into her mouth.

My mind went blank again and I had a few spasms. When I finished coming, I again felt exhausted and lay down completely on the mattress, with my face to the ceiling.

"Haah, haah, haaah, why didn't you stop?"

I was out of breath. It was another incredible experience. Where would I get such a blowjob in my other world? I still don't understand this world well, but if someone asked me if I want to go back, I would refuse without thinking twice.


Mary did not answer my question. What happened to her? When I lifted my face, I saw her undressing.

She took off her pants first, leaving only her panties on. Then she took off her shirt, as well as her bra. Those two huge mountains jumped out for the world to appreciate their beauty... Wait, this world would never understand their greatness.

Her breasts were huge, but they fit her tall body perfectly. They had a perfectly round shape and didn't fall out much. When she bent down to remove her panties, the view was incredible. When she went up again, I heard a couple of memorable sounds.

Breasts with sound effects... Incredible.

Now she was completely naked. I didn't notice when she took off her panties since she was looking at those wonderful breasts, but her pussy is very wet, the smell quickly reached my nose. She has a tuft of trimmed red hair that was a lewd sight.

Finally, naked. I also quickly hurried and was completely naked.

After we had our birthday suits on, she approached me. I didn't realize when, but my dick was already furious again.

I was worried before, but did I need to be worried in the first place?

I'm going to have sex with this goddess. If I don't come at least five times, I'm not a man.

She lay on top of me, and I realized: so far, only I have received pleasure.

"Wait, I want to give you pleasure too."

Her pussy was on top of my navel. A few inches down, and I would find Shangri-la.

"No, I can't wait any longer."

She slowly descended downwards, drawing a shiny line on my belly. As long as it's wet, it probably doesn't need foreplay, but I don't want to be a selfish lover.

"So why did you make me come a third time? We could have gone straight to the main course."

Her pussy finally found my dick. She raised her body, used her hand to lift my penis, and positioned it. I was about to become a man.

"Because I was wondering if I could get it up again."

With those words, she sat down hard, surprising me. This is her first time. How can she do this so violently?

While enjoying the incredible sensation of being inside Mary's pussy, one important thing occurred to me: what about the condom?