Handsome I and Ugly Them

Chapter 7: Pervert Woman (+18)

A woman's mouth is as sweet as honey.

I remembered those words spoken by my father in my childhood as I frantically kissed Mary. I don't know what's different, but her saliva seemed to me like nectar from the gods.

So sweet, so yummy. The more I taste, the more I like it, and the more I want it.

When I was younger, I couldn't have that taste. In fact, it can be said that, before the world changed, the chances of me tasting this flavor before having the surgery were zero.

And one thing I'm sure of: the honey that comes from Mary's mouth is the highest quality.

This is reality?

It looks like a fantasy.

If this is a dream, I hope it will never end.

We kissed for another unknown amount of time, and at some point, Mary again began to stroke my shaft over my clothes. The stimulation was intense, I thought I was going to come several times, but I managed to hold on.

When another strong sensation passed through my body, I finally remembered where we were and pulled her away from me. We can't go on like this. Looking at my shorts, I smiled bitterly, there was a big wet area. I haven't come yet, but that was close.

"Not here, let's go somewhere else."

Mary's expression changed again when she heard my words and my heart sank. She must have a very big problem with that. Even though she logically understands that doing this publicly can end up losing her job or even being arrested, her low self-esteem and inferiority complex should make her think that I don't want to be seen publicly with her.

Honestly, I could care less, but that could be my hormones and horny talking. Taking a deep breath, I said in a husky voice.

"We are going somewhere else far away then. Away from familiar people."

My words were more like drugs since Mary's expression changed in an instant. She looked energetic with a red face and nodded quickly.

"We are going to the other side of the city then, I doubt anyone knows us there."

I smiled silently, wondering where this is going to take us. Will I lose my virginity?

Mary started driving the car while I was fantasizing about the possibilities. The most important thing, however, was the place.

She seems determined to do this in a public place.

Should I try to convince her to go to her house or a motel? I think she must be a virgin, and so am I. I don't know if it's a good idea to have our first time in a public place.

When I looked to the side and saw happiness as she hummed with a flushed face and sparkle in her eyes, however, I was silent and decided to go with the flow.

The minutes passed, but my shaft remained ready for battle. Mary's presence alone was enough to make me that way.

Her perfume, which had permeated the car, was driving me crazy, maybe it's the pheromones.

I think it was because I was very restless, but when I least realized it, Mary put her hand on my shaft and started to stroke it while she was still driving.

Seeing the landscape over and over in the windows, I felt bold. Pulling my pants and my underwear down, I put my shaft out. When I felt Mary's soft hands on my shaft, I almost came, it was very stimulating for a poor virgin like me.

I decided to close my eyes while enjoying the handjob. I hope that, in that way, the stimulus will diminish and I don't come in the first seconds.

Unfortunately, although closing my eyes worked for a few moments, it didn't take long for that soft hand to push me over the edge.

"I'm going to come."

I almost screamed. The handjob was not intense, she only moved her hand slowly, but for me, it was so intense that I unconsciously raised my voice.

It looked like a water geyser. I had never come so much. The first jets hit the windshield. The final jets wet Mary's hand, my pants, and my underwear.

I was out of breath for a few seconds, my mind melting. When I looked to the side, the sight of Mary licking the spunk that fell on her hand hit me.

My shaft, which was threatening to soften, became furious; this view was breathtaking. Knowing that that sperm she was licking so avidly was mine made me so horny that for a second I thought of jumping on her right there.

"You are hornier than I thought."

She said between licks. Does she think I have premature ejaculation?

At the sight of my shaft standing up again, she quickly grabbed it and stroked it again. I decided to close my eyes again, I shouldn't come so fast this time.

A few minutes later, however, a new sensation reached me and I almost came instantly. When I opened my eyes to see what it was, the most exciting sight I have ever seen in my life greeted my eyes.

Mary had her face buried in my groin, half of my shaft almost completely wrapped in that soft, wet mouth. At that moment, my first thought was not the danger of the situation, but how exciting that vision was.

That beautiful, perfect face, with fiery red hair cascading down my lap, both huge breasts pressed to my thigh, the smooth hand holding my balls. The best thing was when she noticed my gaze and, without taking her mouth off my penis, looked up to meet my gaze.

I almost came instantly, it was too much for me. I felt like I was hyperventilating. Every second felt like forever, my mind went blank for a while.

The next thing I noticed was the indistinguishable noises in the background, and the sight of Mary swallowing my spunk. I seemed to be enjoying it forever. Load after load, Mary swallowed without batting an eye.

When I finished, I felt drained, and I completely relaxed in the car seat. Only then did I realize what the background noise was: it was the noise of car horns.

With a start, I straightened up on the bench, and looked around: we were at the traffic lights. Although the track was two lanes, the car occupying one lane was slowing the traffic, which caused the cars that passed by to honk in anger.

Ashamed, I decided not to look around anymore. What if pedestrians or drivers saw something?

"Mary, drive, quick."

When I turned my gaze to the driver, I saw that she was still savoring my spunk with a strange expression. Is it that good? Upon hearing my voice, however, she quickly took the wheel and started driving.

How long have we been standing still? I hope nobody saw anything, I was too scared to check.

"Mary, where are we going?"

I asked the question without looking at her, but when I did, my heart jumped and my shaft went straight again.

While she was still driving, she had one hand on the steering wheel, the other down there. Very weak, I was able to hear wet noises, and the smell quickly reached my nose.

This time, I put my hand on my penis. Unbelievable, I am fully erect again. Does this woman have the ability to keep me erect endlessly?

In the other world, Mary could easily be a film actress. Here, she is an ugly duckling.

This world is insane.

Her eyes again noticed my erection. Taking the hand that was in the pussy, she took my penis pushing my hand away.

A new sensation.

Her hand was wet with what I think is her pussy juices. The new slippery sensation was not as exciting as the previous blowjob, so I felt safe enough to ask again.

"Where are we going?"

"For shopping on the other side of the city."

Mall? That huge mall that opened last month? I have never been there, but they say it is three times bigger than the one near the school.

The rest of the trip was more peaceful. She spent most of the time stroking my dick. With a lot of effort, I managed to avoid coming a third time.

When we arrived, she drove to the underground parking lot and parked the car. When I decided to put on my pants, she suddenly climbed on top of me and kissed me.

Instinctively, I hugged her, and we french kissed a while. My dick, still outside, started to rub against her pussy. I decided to at least ask before we continue. Gathering all my willpower, I pushed her away.

"Do you want to do it here?"

I looked around, and in fact, we were well away from the other cars. We were in an underground parking lot, so it was very dark, and because the place was so big, with the car closed, I don't think they would hear us.

"Yes, but not now, it's just that I couldn't hold on anymore. In this mall there are four of the top five places I want to have sex."

"Top five?"

"Yes. Cinema, bathroom, underground parking, and the place where we will have our first time."


I had to remember what she just said. Top five places to have sex? And are three of these places public places? Wait, she said four of the top five is here, which means that the place where we will have our first time is also a public place...

"And what is the top five that it's not here?"

It's her room, right? Please tell me yes.

"In the park. Unfortunately, there is no park here, otherwise, it would be perfect. "


She's a perverted exhibitionist...