Handsome I and Ugly Them

Chapter 6: Mary Campbell (2)

I looked at Miss Campbell in silence as countless thoughts crossed my mind. I was trying to digest the idea that the world has changed. This was hard to believe, but the facts were in front of me, I couldn't just deny them.

As I thought, Miss Campbell finally looked at me with a thoughtful expression. We both stood in silence watching each other, and after a while, she asked in a low voice.

"You never showed disgust for me before. I know this because I am very sensitive to the look of disgust. Don't you find me an abomination?"

I could see that this question had been on her mind for a long time when I saw the expectation in her eyes after asking the question. What should I do? Should I say that I find her attractive?

Maybe something can happen...

But my appearance... Even though she is ugly in this world, I am ugly myself...

Wait, remembering earlier, many of the boys in the classroom were also ugly, and I have to say, I was uglier than all of them. Could it be that even the sense of beauty about men is different? Am I handsome in this world?

When that thought crossed my mind, I remembered the looks of some girls in the class that I didn't understand before and that last short, chubby girl who looked shy after talking to me.

I had never seen those looks directed at me, and a girl never acted with me like that girl in the classroom. Am I a handsome man in this world? I must check this out first.

"Before I answer that question, I want to ask you one. What do you think of my appearance?"

The woman's expression froze for a moment when she heard my question, but her cheeks flushed and she couldn't keep looking me in the eye. Looking down, she started to move around in the driver's seat in silence, looking nervous and uncomfortable.

After a few moments, she said in a voice as low as a mosquito.

"I think you're handsome. Not only me, all the girls at school think you're the most handsome man... Not even a movie actor is as handsome and good-looking as you. I..."

She suddenly stopped talking, but after a few moments of silence, she looked into my eyes and said with determination.

"Since I met you, I have been very attracted to you, even if you were my student, but I never had any extravagant hope. When I realized that you didn't despise me, however, you became a constant fantasy of mine..."

After hesitating a little, she looked down again and said in a mosquito voice.

"I already masturbated thinking about you several times... I even dream about you a few times a week."

My mind at that moment? I felt it had exploded, like that internet meme.

Puooooh !!!


I'm handsome?

The most handsome?

More handsome than a movie actor?


The seconds passed, and the penny did not seem to drop. I don't know what expression I was making, but I noticed Miss Campbell's nervousness, and I knew my expression was at least strange.

I took a few deep breaths, trying to calm myself. Again I had something to think about. The world had changed, and in this world, I am very handsome.


A few minutes later, I finally calmed down and realized that Miss Campbell was saying something to me. I stopped to pay attention and finally understood what she was talking about.

"Are you listening to me? I'm asking what do you think of me."

Finally understanding the words coming out of her mouth, I looked at that small, red, and seductive mouth. For a moment I felt like kissing her. Distracted for a second, the question registered in my head and I said without much thought.

"I find you attractive."

Before I could realize what I had said and see her reaction, those lips were already on mine and my body froze when I realized that this was my first kiss. A fire started to burn in my lower parts the next second, my heart also on fire.

Before I could react to that, I felt a hand grabbing my member, and my heart leaped. I was not able to keep up with the situation. A few seconds later, Miss Campbell separated from my lips with her hand still on my groin and said.

"You spoke the truth, you really find me attractive. It is the first time that a man has reacted to me, and even more that it was just a kiss."

She started stroking my cock over the shorts. I stammered trying to say something, but I couldn't say anything. I just managed to squeeze her name, and then she put her finger in my mouth and said.

"Call me Mary."

"MM-Mary... Why?"

"Didn't you say you find me attractive?"

A small smile appeared on Mary's beautiful face that made my heart jump again. She was so beautiful and charming...

"I didn't know how much of what you said was true, so I decided to take a test. It is more than I thought. Just a kiss and you're like this. What will happen if I put my tongue in your mouth?"

She kissed me again and this time invaded my mouth with her intelligent tongue. She explored my tongue and teeth. I still couldn't react to the situation, it was all very sudden.

My mind was already confused about the fact that the world had suddenly changed, I still hadn't accepted the idea that I was handsome, and so this situation; my hot teacher, my passion for more than a year, with a perfect face and a hot body, was at that moment taking my first kiss and my first french kiss.

How could I react?

I was being completely overwhelmed with confusion and lust by the strange situation and this woman in front of me.

Gradually, my tongue started to struggle with hers, understanding what it had to do. I closed my eyes and dueled with her tongue. Her mouth was so good, she smelled like flowers, her body against mine made me hot and her hand on my shaft drove me crazy with lust.

Minutes passed, and my mind no longer seemed confused, since I couldn't even think anymore. My only desire was to fight with my tongue in my mouth, seeking supremacy, and drink that nectar that entered my lips. It was so good that my mind melted.

The hand on my shaft did not remain idle, and it was moving softly.

Sometime later, I don't know how much time has passed, my mind has calmed down enough to think, and I finally realized where we were: in a car in the school parking lot. In a panic, I pushed her gently back and started to breathe quickly with shortness of air.

"M-Miss Campbell..."

"Haaah... Mary."

She was also breathing rapidly with shortness of air and licked her lips sensually as if she wanted more of my saliva.

"Mary... Look where we are."

"I don't care, let's continue."

She threw herself forward and got a few more kisses but I again pushed her away and said in a panic.

"We are in the parking lot. Anyone can come by and see us. If you want to continue, let's go to a more private place."

"Are you ashamed to be kissing me?"

She resented my words and said abruptly, making my heart ache.

"No, no, no... First of all, we are in public, and this is not something that should be done in public. Second, you're my teacher. If they found out that we kissed like that, you could lose your job."

She was silent upon hearing this. She seemed to have accepted my words, and after a while, she said in a low voice.

"That's true... Sorry, Ethan, I wasn't thinking straight. It is also true that being seen like that with you would cause your reputation to drop..."

"Wait, I don't care. If we were not a teacher and student, I... "

"No, I understand. I know you, Ethan. Your best friend is Jeff, after all... You may not care about your reputation, but I do. I don't want you to suffer reprisals because of me."

She dropped her head and I felt like she was going to start crying again. In a panic, I looked outside, and when I saw that no one was around, I pulled her onto my arms and gave her a passionate kiss.

I wanted her to realize that I didn't care what she looked like, that I really found her attractive. I knew how important this was to someone with low self-esteem.

I was right.

Within seconds, the bad feeling inside her disappeared, and her huge passion almost overwhelmed me. The kiss became much more passionate, as if in reaction to my passionate kiss from before.

This is soooo good.