Handsome I and Ugly Them

Chapter 5: Mary Cambell (1)

I followed Miss Campbell to the school parking lot. She got in a car, and when she was about to leave, I arrived in time to stop her. She looked desperate, pale, and with tears in her eyes. I didn't know what she was going to do after leaving school, what if something happened to her?

Driving in that state, she may have an accident, and although I still don't understand what's going on, I'm afraid she'll end up killing herself.

"Miss Campbell, please stay here."

"Get out of the way, Ethan!! I'll run over you if you don't get out of the way!!"

I felt uncomfortable seeing the despair in her eyes through the windshield, would she really run over me if I didn't get out of the way? But seeing her despair hardened my determination to keep her from leaving here.

"Shall we talk, please? Calm down, and talk to me, don't do anything you regret later. You were always such a good person. You are not just going to run over me, right?"

My words seemed to affect her a little. She hesitated for a moment, and after a few seconds of silence, she turned off the car and opened the door.

"Sorry, Ethan. I..."

She was half out of the car, but when she started to say something, she started to cry bitterly and sat down on the seat again. This time, she didn't start the car and just put her hand on the steering wheel and started to cry.

My heart shook at the sight of her tears falling and I didn't know what to do. She was very unstable at the moment. After a little hesitation, I went around the car and tried to open the passenger door. When I realized it was closed, I hit the glass a few times to get her attention.

She looked up at me, and realizing that I wanted to go in, she opened the door and I went in quietly. Sitting in the passenger seat, I looked at her for a moment and seeing that she had not yet calmed down, I was silent and took out my cell phone.

The strange things that have happened made me more or less aware of what is happening, and I created a crazy theory in my head. The only way I could think of to confirm this theory was through a type of website that is well known all over the world by young, hot-blooded men.

Even women frequent this type of website a lot.

Porn sites.

I know this kind of site a lot. Although I am ugly ... No, exactly because I am ugly, I have a very strong sexual drive. I once compared my sexual drive to that of Jeff and realized that I am abnormal in that sense.

After all, not every man masturbates 7 times a day. Sometimes I even masturbate more.

I don't normally count, but I once heard my friends talking about masturbation, and I realized that I am indeed abnormal.

Jeff, the one who masturbated the most, sometimes twice a day, he was abnormal according to the conversation.

If Jeff wants to, he says he can masturbate up to three times a day, and that's more or less his limit. As for me, who average 5-6 times, I was very abnormal. Of course, I didn't tell my friends about it.

I was already known as a freak, I don't want to be known like that in other ways.

It is not as if I constantly seek to masturbate, but that from time to time my thoughts lead me to women I find attractive, like Miss Campbell, and when I realize, I am already hard and ready to masturbate.

When this happens, sometimes I go into a porn site, sometimes I think of women who attract me, and I masturbate.

So porn is very familiar to me.

On my cell phone, I typed the name of the site that I normally enter on google, and clicked on the link.

When I opened the home page, the penny finally dropped, and I was silent. I browsed the site, my face pale, my hands shaking. It was hard for me to believe, but what could I do?

After a few minutes of browsing the site, I looked at the screen of my cell phone, and then I looked at the woman crying silently beside me, and I finally understood completely what was going on.

If there was a site in the world that operated under the idea of ​​aesthetic beauty, it was the porn site. Other than that, there were obviously others, such as those of model agencies, singers, and actors. But what is most evident for sure is the porn sites.

Comparing the women in the videos on my cell phone, with the woman beside me, the difference was huge.

Miss Campbell had long blood-red hair, beautiful blue eyes, long, charming lashes. Red and seductive mouth, small nose, and a perfect white face.

Her body is even more amazing since she has big breasts, maybe an F, a slim waist, wide hips; an hourglass figure. Her legs were long and smooth, drop-dead beauty.

Throughout the school, I can count on the fingers the number of women as beautiful as she is. Although movie stars look good, it is very difficult to find someone with such a devilish body, so she is a rarity, a type of woman almost impossible to find, and she has been my teacher for over a year.

During the past year, I have put her on a pedestal. She is a beautiful woman, with a hot body, and a gentle and calm personality. If it weren't for my low self-esteem, I would have fallen in love with her already. Even with my self-esteem so low, I still have a crush, it says a lot about the temptation that is the woman known as Mary Campbell.

At that moment, however, this woman was crying silently beside me. At first, I had a vague idea of ​​the reason, but after seeing the porn site on my phone, I finally understood.

On my cell phone, in porn videos, most women were, in my view, incredibly ugly. Short lashes, rough skin, thin or very thick lips, big or long nose, wide foreheads, long chins, big ears, fat body, with small, or absurdly large breasts...

I could stay here comparing the women in the video with the woman beside me for a long time, and the result would be: the difference between a goddess and a bagger. I don't want to speak ill of bad-looking people, since I am ugly myself, but facts are facts.

To me, all of these women in the videos are incredibly ugly, and the woman next to me is a centerfold woman, with looks that could literally make any man lose his fortunes.

Usually, when I opened these sites before, although I rarely see a woman as beautiful as Miss Campbell, I could still find several similar characteristics.

Now, it's as if the world has changed. As if the people's sense of beauty is different, and a woman like Miss Campbell is ugly, and women like the ones in the videos I'm watching are beautiful.

This notion is so absurd that I stopped to contemplate this idea, and I realized that, unless I'm dreaming, that's exactly what happened.

As I continued to contemplate this insane idea, Miss Campbell beside me seemed to have calmed down. She stopped hiding her face, wiped away her tears, and was silently looking ahead, not daring to look at me.

"I wasn't always like this..."

She started to speak, which quickly caught my attention. I was silent, listening to her words.

"When I was younger, my appearance didn't bother me much, nor did people my age, but the more I grew up, the more people saw me as a freak."

"At fourteen, before I entered high school, I started making some changes. I started wearing makeup and struggled to put on weight, which didn't quite work out. No matter how much I eat, I don't get fat. Fortunately, with makeup alone, when I entered high school at a place that nobody knew me, I managed to change my image from an ugly girl to a not-so-ugly one, and I made some friends."

"I was not popular, and most people did not speak to me. My body was thin, with hourglass proportions, my breasts grew and always had a round shape. Even so, I was satisfied. Before, many people treated me badly, but the makeup was enough for me not to be an outcast."

"I kept wearing makeup to hide my ugly face for years. High school, university, and finally my job. At the first school I went to, I had some problems because of my body, but it wasn't too bad, and I was able to teach normally."

"Unfortunately, because of an event years ago, my real appearance was known to people: someone threw a bucket of water at my face, washing all the makeup off, and showing my real and ugly face."

"Pictures of my real face went around the school, people made fun of me. The next day, I tried to go back to school as if nothing had happened with the makeup on my face. Everyone knew that I was ugly, which is why they made fun of my makeup."

"You know how it is today. Although everyone wears makeup, when you overdo it to completely change your appearance, if you are discovered, you become an outcast. I don't think I need to remind you of that celebrity incident since she lives in the city. She is well known to people here."

"My case was also horrible. Many cursed me, talked about me behind my back, I was beaten by some students and teachers... Finally, the school principal fired me because of the repercussions, and I had nowhere else to work."

"It was only last year that I got a job here thanks to the new school principal. You know her politics with ugly people, being a very ugly woman herself. She told me that I could only work here if I didn't hide my ugliness, she is a very idealistic woman."

"She has a dream to end discrimination against ugly men and women, so she hired ugly teachers."

"I couldn't deny the principal's request, I needed the job, so I started at school without makeup. At first, it was difficult, but I put up with it. Lately, however, I am losing my strength, it is becoming more and more difficult."

"There were several incidents, some students even threw up in class after looking at both my face and body for a long time. Last time, there was that incident where Ian passed out and I had to call an ambulance..."

Tears threatened to fall on her face again, but she held on tight and ended her story.

"I just don't know what to do. I can't take this anymore. It's hard enough for me to live since I never had a man, I was never loved, but working at this school without makeup is hell."

Her story finally made me accept something.

The world changed.