God of Love

Chapter 1: Dreams and Goals

A boy who looked to be about eighteen slowly left from his mother's funeral with a sad expression. Red-eyed, he walked over to where he parked his car and got in.
Starting the car with a desolate expression, he began driving toward his home, a place where he had many memories of his dead mother.
A few minutes by car, and he arrived in front of a huge mansion. Silently looking at this place, where he had countless memories, he entered and went straight to his room. On the way, he passed several rooms, lost in thought; this place had played a leading role in his memories since childhood. It was here that he ate, slept, trained and studied.
Although the place was huge, apart from some guest rooms, all rooms were used. Some for studies, others for training.
Inside his room, he grabbed a bag containing some things, and went slowly from room to room lost in memories as he emptied out all the secret weapon compartments and left the mansion.
Taking one last good look at this glorious mansion, he finally grabbed a gallon of gasoline he had prepared beforehand and made a trail from the mansion's entrance to the room he was in before.
Leaving the mansion, he picked up a lighter, lit it, and set it on the gasoline trail.
The trail quickly lit up and down the mansion until it reached that room, where there were numerous explosives.
Seconds later, in a chain reaction, there were several booming sounds, and the entire mansion was blown up.
As he watched that, a smile slowly appeared on the boy's face. At some point, he began to laugh out loud.
He laughed so hard his belly started to hurt and so he had to kneel on the floor. Tears of joy fell from his eyes, and he shouted to the sky:
Looking at the burning mansion, an overwhelming sense of wanting to do something arose in the boy's heart. Just watching seemed not enough.
So he ran into a small garden of the mansion, and pushed aside a slab on the floor. The ground slowly collapsed, and a small compartment appeared on the floor, containing several weapons: two pistols, a semi-automatic, a sniper rifle and five grenades with a grenade launcher.
Picking up the grenades, launcher, pistols and slinging the rifle on his back he quickly headed toward the mansion entrance.
With a pistol in his hand, he began firing everywhere as he shouted meaningless things:
Picking up the grenades, he loaded them into the grenade launcher and fired into the mansion.
An exploding noise sounded, but he didn't look pleased, so he fired the remaining grenades.
Unslinging his sniper rifle, he began firing at every intact window in the mansion, from the small to the large.
After having enough fun, spending all the ammunition, and all the grenades in the compartments he found throughout the mansion, he finally fell to the ground.
Looking into the dark sky, a smile slowly appeared on his face.
"I am finally free. I can't believe this day has come, and so soon. I thought I'd be stuck with that monster for the rest of my life."
Lying on the floor contentedly after venting his frustrations, introspective thoughts began to appear in the boy's mind, who was a little confused about what to do from then on.
Although he had lived a life on the edge, he had his own thoughts, goals, dreams.
Now that he was free, his goals, once seeming impossible dreams, became quite possible, leaving him temporarily confused by all possibilities.
The boy had a name, Lucas.
Although he had a name, he did not know his last name. His mother never let him use her last name, since it was apparently not her real last name. Although he asked several times, she never told him his real last name, so he had lived his life until that moment with just one name.
Lucas, although he looked mature for his age, at the apparent age of eighteen, he was only sixteen.
He grew up under the reins of his mother, who is one of the world's greatest killers, known to the few who know about her by the codename "Bloody Queen."
If Lucas had to describe his mother, it would be with the following words:
"A crazy woman."
Simple, but not at all exaggerated. Lucas has always been afraid of her, since she is in fact crazy, she has said it many times.
She came from an ancient line of professional killers who survived for over a thousand years until its bitter end two hundred years ago, at the hands of its most loyal client: the Rosevalt family.
Lucas knows very little about his mother's family, which has apparently become virtually extinct. As far as he knows, his mother's grandparents were the few who survived, and they spread all over the world, taking root in many countries.
His grandparents died before he was born, and he didn't know who his father was, having been raised by his mother from a young age.
As far as his memory goes, his mother has always been crazy. When he was six, she threw him into a forest full of wolves. He was attacked by two wolves in the middle of the night, and one of his hands was torn off.
Although his hand was later replaced, and healed smoothly, it was by far the most traumatic memory, though not the most painful or frightening thanks to his young age.
Since that time, many things have happened. He had to fight animals in cages, or in the middle of the forest. Fight people in cages, or in battlefields.
His mother taught him to fight in every way possible, instilling all her abilities in his body from a young age.
He learned to shoot pistols, semi-automatics and rifles.
He learned to drive tanks, helicopters, airplanes, race cars. In fact, running is the only thing that pleased him in all his mother's training.
He also learned to fight hand to hand using knives and other weapons.
When he was ten, she began putting him on less dangerous assassination missions. He even made his own name after six years on the job, known as the "Crown Prince."
His life with his mother was always on the edge, every day looking like hell, with just a few moments that he could really say were good times. Like when he first ran.
She would do things like teach him to drive one day, and then the very next day take him on an assassination mission where he was the escape driver.
Honestly, thinking of that day, Lucas knew it was strange, since his mother is supernaturally strong. Why would she need to escape a murder in a car? In his memories before and after, he never saw her run after murdering someone, as she always took her time off site.
Whether the target's subordinates, who came to fight her, or the police, she never ran, killing everyone as long as they raised a hand against her.
He never saw her run away, which means she did it specifically for him to learn in practice. That didn't surprise him, but it made him even more upset with his mother.
While he had so many thoughts in his head, he suddenly said in a low voice:
"Even though I hate her, she did raise me, and in a sick and twisted way, I think I'll still miss her a little."
For some reason even though he had a very low opinion of himself and thought he was a psychopath just like her, he still had a conscience.
If she told him to shoot someone in the head, he would shoot, albeit reluctantly, no matter if it was male or female, young or old.
All these things did not please him, and he always wanted to get out of this life, but he simply could not disobey her, and it was not for fear of a beating, since apart from practice sessions, she never beat him.
He simply obeyed.
His theory? He thinks he's brainwashed, that's what makes sense.
Now that she was dead, and gone from his life, though relieved, deep down he felt a little loss.
"Well, she raised me, if I didn't feel a loss for her death I wouldn't be human ... not that I'm a decent human."
It was distorted, he thought, but he couldn't just deny his feelings.
She was the most beautiful, strong, and powerful woman he had ever met. Her fighting, murder, weapons or empty-handed skills, were unique.
She was very strong psychologically, not afraid of anything at all.
Even though he could think these "good" things of her in his mind, it was extremely distorted, and along with these "good compliments" he had tons of other curses.
Crazy, psycho, rigid, closed-minded, stubborn, and the list goes on.
Although he hated most of his life so far, and wasn't exactly proud of his abilities, now that she was dead, and he was free, he knew that his many skills learned from an early age can be useful for living life.
He didn't expect to use them, but he knew he would eventually need them, as many of life's problems can be solved by using them.
After finally tossing aside all these thoughts, he finally decided it was time to live his life.
Let's move on.
Slapping himself in the face, he rose from the floor and picked up the things he had chosen not to burn with the house.
Sitting on the floor, he opened the bag, and began to arrange the items.
There were many things.
There was some money, fifty thousand dollars, which he decided to use in his new life. Although he and his mother had a lot of money, he had his own thoughts, and didn't want to use it. Even those fifty thousand were caught after thinking hard, and realizing that without money he could end up having to live an uncomfortable life for a while before deciding what to do.
Lucas was vain, and having lived in horrible places, such as a small cabin in the middle of an ancient forest hunting snakes, tigers, and bears to survive, he developed a taste for sleeping in a clean, warm, comfortable bed.
If it could be avoided, he didn't want to have to suffer from things like that, and decided he would take some money to live well for a while.
Apart from the money, he had a Swiss Army knife that is useful for many things, a first aid kit in case of hurt. Food and water so he don't have to worry about food for a while.
There was also a small box, and opening the box, he looked silently at all the little bottles inside.
These were the drugs his mother had prepared for him from a young age. According to her, they are medicines developed by her family during the thousand years that help to develop the physical body and make everyone who drinks them superhuman.
There is an order in which to drink, and when to drink, and Lucas has drunk half of them, his physical strength is not something a normal human can compare to.
Right now, he was deciding whether to drink the rest or not. He had drunk half at his mother's orders over the years, and she told him to drink the rest when he was sixteen, which he turned a few days ago.
Before that, she had disappeared for a while, which was normal for her. Maybe she went on a mission. She came back two days ago seriously injured. He found her unconscious at home.
He took good care of her, using all the medical skills she had taught him, but she still succumbed to her injuries.
Nor did he understand how she died.
Throughout the event, she didn't wake up once.
Because she was out at the time, he decided not to drink the drugs until she returned, but with her death, he could now decide whether to drink everything or not.
Thinking of her death again, he can't help but wonder.
"Who the hell had the strength to defeat her?"
Lucas always listened to everything his mother said, and also always believed her. She once said that there was no one in the world who could kill her, so she could go wild.
Be it the police, the army, other killers, other superhumans ... no one could kill her, no matter how strong they were, or how many attacked her.
He was always curious about that, so he asked for more details, and according to her, while it is possible to force her to flee, to kill her was impossible, and so she was not afraid of anyone.
If someone set a trap to kill her, and there were many powerful people with large amounts of weapons and traps, she could easily flee, and return later for revenge on her own terms.
After so many years, it is rare for someone to try and kill her, as her invincibility is well known. Everyone who knows the name "Bloody Queen" knows that she is invincible. Stories of her invincibility circulate through the underworld of crime.
The fact that someone finally killed her made Lucas curious, and a little worried, since it is no secret that he was her son. On the other hand, he had no desire for revenge.
In his head, there is a phrase his mother always said to him, a phrase that has always been in his head, as it fits his ideals so much:
'The only ones who can shoot are those prepared to be shot.'
His mother could shoot, and she was always prepared to be shot, to die, so he never had any thoughts of revenge. About the person, or people, who killed her, he was just curious and cautious. He wanted to know who they were, but at the same time did not want to know them, afraid to end up dying uselessly.
Leaving his decision whether or not to take the drugs later, he took the last items from the bag; two little notebooks.
One of the notebooks he opened, containing many notes, was his "diary."
The other was a clean, empty notebook with nothing in it.
The first notebook was not exactly a diary, it was just a notebook with many notes that he made over time. It had his dreams, goals, useful information, ideas, and many other things.
For example, when he was eight years old, he began to enjoy reading a romance book, so he aimed to have a beautiful romance with a beautiful and kind girl. Unfortunately, this dream was shattered when his mother simply took the notebook and set it on fire while saying things like.
"Romance is for the weak."
"No normal, kind girl will want to date you with so many scars all over your body."
"You haven't killed a human yet, but when you kill those silly dreams will disappear. Just wait."
In fact, after he started murdering people, many of those dreams just seemed like dreams; things that will be only in the world of imagination.
What normal girl would want to date a killer?
The worst thing is that since he was young, he never had much time for himself. Things like hobbies seemed impossible to fit into his life of training and missions.
His training went from morning to night, and situations where he could nurture a healthy hobby were rare and distant from each other, such as when he returned from a mission, and his mother gave him the rest of the day off.
At that time, he didn't even know what to do with his rare free time, and usually wasted 1/3 of his time simply deciding what to do.
So although he read things like novels, or played games, they were few, and he often couldn't even finish it.
His biggest regret is in fact being a virgin until that moment.
And it was not for a lack of opportunities.
During his missions, the rare times when he was not beside his mother, he had some opportunities. Like while in disguise, or collecting information.
There were some girls who showed interest in him, since Lucas is basically a handsome and charming boy. Even though he was young, many girls, and even adult women, had already shown interest in him, and he was also very interested.
Unfortunately, his mother forbade him to have sex, saying he couldn't do it until she decided who his wife would be.
Worst of all, over the years, although he had an interest in women, and some opportunities, most of them didn't catch his eye. To be with a woman as beautiful and perfect as his mother, his standards were simply too big.
If some of these women had the same level of beauty as his mother, he could easily have disobeyed her. He even tried once, the woman was very pretty, although not on his mother's level, unfortunately the circumstances were not good.
The place and time were not good, many things prevented it from happening, and that was the biggest regret of his life.
Taking the new notebook, he pulled a pen from his pocket and wrote.
Lose my fucking virginity. (The woman's looks is not important)
He didn't care anymore, just wanted to stop being a virgin, and maybe get into a friend relationship with benefits, since he wasn't ready for a serious relationship yet.
The sex would be purely physical, and he didn't care if his partner had other men, as long as he didn't have to see them with his own eyes.
Since seeing himself as a psycho, he didn't know what he would do if he saw a man having sex with the woman who was having sex. It had nothing to do with feelings, it's simply possessiveness.
Although he saw himself as a psychopath, he believed he had some unknown limit inside his head, since he had never done anything he considered vile out of his own will, he had always been under his mother's orders; that was what he believed.
This limit, of course, was weak, since just the thought of catching the woman he was having sex with another man enraged him.
At this point, Lucas decided to try to make as little contact as possible with his first partner. Do not ask for her personal information, and simply make it physical.
He wanted to learn all about sex so that he could please his future wife.
After finally being satisfied with his own thoughts, he noted (Purely Physical) beside his first goal, and moved on to the next.
Pulling out his notebook full of ideas, he began reading as he considered what he wanted to do from then on.
While reading he became lost in his memories. Over time, he realized something he desperately wanted, something he had noted in his notebook when he was nine:
"I want to become a successful businessman."
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